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Click Here for Free Indicative Valuation of Financial Derivatives using Reference Derivatives' compilation of publicly available information at the time of US market close. Commodity Derivatives and European FX Options and Strategies are currently implemented, other FX Derivatives and Interest Rates Derivatives will soon be, along with a Deal-Structuring interface.

Whether you are a derivatives practitioner or whether you are studying financial derivatives, this site is meant for you. We strive for the ideal mix of useful functionality and content, guided in a large part by your suggestions.

This site and its associated platform are work in progress. Their evolution is shaped by you. Please don't hesitate to mail us at info@referencederivatives.com, whether to report an issue, to request additions to the set of products, to the functionality or to the site content. You are also welcome to contribute case studies for the products or suggest ways to tackle the known issues. Please check Reference Derivatives' voluntary contributions policy in the Terms Of Use.

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