Company Presentation

Reference Derivatives is a company dedicated to providing services related to financial derivatives valuations and market risk determination:
  • Consultancy on quantitative platform-building or optimising, including risk engines;

  • Derivatives-revaluation platforms, either OEM or as a Web-based service;

  • Market Risk-determination platforms, either OEM or as a Web-based service;

  • Derivatives Portfolio Mark-To-Market and Risk Determination, as a service.

Consultancy services include:

  • Problem-solving scenarios, business process analysis
  • Contribution to the budgeting / cost of ownership analysis
  • Evaluation of the return on investment
  • Design of the transition roadmap
  • Advice on applications and systems architecture: Scalability, Efficiency, Adaptability, Reference standards and best practices (technical, security, documentation, system-testing)
  • Presentations and Specifications at the level of granularity required for each corporate level: Drafting, Review (system robustness, completeness, quality of system integration/interface)
  • Identification of common issues across business and technical silos so as to maximise technical commonality
  • Liaison  between systems development and infrastructure teams
  • Project Management, Quality Assurance

Reference Derivatives' founder has considerable expertise in the field of Quantitative Platform development, stemming from a 18 year-long career at Capital Market departments of premier international banks and a 7-year career in industrial IT before that. Across his career, the founder has overseen the development of full quantitative platforms and architectures across a wide spectrum of asset classes.

In addition, Reference Derivatives' Management Advisory Board brings significant expertise in the domain of energy trading, hedging and related business processes.

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